Student Council Mission Statement

The Student Council shall sponsor the general welfare of the school, shall promote school spirit, sponsor community awareness, and shall assist in the administration of school affairs.


Student Council Activities 

·      Sponsoring of Homecoming Floats for each class, selling of Homecoming T-shirts

·      Canned Food Drives 

·      Bake Sales

·      Posters Honoring Veterans for Veterans’ Day

·      Mock Elections for President

·      Teacher Appreciation Week 


Student Council Officers and Representatives for 2020-2021



President – Trey H

Vice-President – Madison G

Secretary – Libbie Claire J


12th Grade Representatives 

President – Tori M

Vice President – Jessi T

Secretary – Daniel W


11th Grade Representatives 

President – Sarah P 

Vice President – Madison G

Secretary – Haley H


10th Grade Representatives

President – Cailee B

Vice President – Natalie 

Secretary – Brynn W


9th Grade Representatives 

President - Conner R


8th Grade Representatives 

President – Joeleigh C

Vice President – Kayla C

Secretary – Callie N


7th Grade Representatives 

President – Andy S

Vice President – Ava C

Secretary – Jodi F


Sponsor: Mrs. Leist